Client Reviews

Robert Langley
There used to be a saying back in my day that went, "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen." Well, when Jamie Getty talks, you should listen. Jamie provided me with extremely sound counsel. She coached me to stay away from my own instincts and to follow her guidance. I was not disappointed. She came prepared and delivered the results I was seeking. More importantly, she did it in a kind and professional manner. When Jamie speaks, I'd listen!!! She's phenomenal.
RaeLynn Carr
I would like to recommend Nathaniel H. Cook (Nate) if you ever need a real estate closing attorney. We have purchased 11 homes and I have previously worked with closing/real estate attorneys for many years with careers in title insurance and mortgage banking, Nate stands out as a detail oriented, caring, intelligent, responsive and committed attorney. We had issues with our purchase and many unusual issues related to a new home build, Nate went above and beyond to answer our questions and advise us even though it was clear this was not normally part of the process he would need to advise on. I will be sharing his information to refer clients to him at every opportunity as I don't think you will find anyone better to assist you with your home purchase.
Kevin Tornes
I had a fantastic experience with BCK thanks to Nate Cook. If you are looking for someone to assist as your closing attorney, I can't recommend Nate enough. He was organized and clear in his communication. He also clearly did his homework when it came to researching the property. He went above and beyond to make sure all of my questions were answered as there were some twists and turns with the property I ultimately closed on. Nate is just a genuinely great person to work with and I cannot recommend him enough. I look forward to many more transactions, Nate!
Tommy Samuels
I HIRED Ms Brittany & Immediately things took off fast and in a very timely manner. I deeply appreciate all the work and knowledge put in on the great outcome on my behalf. Highly recommend Brock Crouch Keeter For legal Services. Great team all around..
charles walters
When you find yourself in difficult times, there is only one true person to trust and guide you through the family court process, and that is Linda Sayed. Her years of experience dealing with every possible situation has led me to believe that I have made the right choice to represent me and my intentions to keep my family together and safe. Her devotion, knowledge and trust is above reproach allowing her to make those time critical decisions for the best outcome and resolution that every client can be proud of. I would not hesitate to recommend Linda to any family member or friend that finds themselves in a situation that requires legal representation in any family matter.
Megan Butts
Had a wonderful experience! They always answered my questions super fast! Brittany and Jamie were an amazing team!
Anna Avera Kiggins
Linda Sayed is not only an incredible attorney, she is well respected among her peers and community. She helped me through a brutal divorce and custody matter, that I would never have been able to get through without her guidance. If she is available to help you, you are blessed.
Heather King
Linda Sayed has represented me twice over the last 15 years. My ex husband said she is a ruthless bulldog. In my personal experience, she listens and is extremely detailed. No one wants to have to go through an attorney to settle matters that should be personal. If you have to do so because you are dealing with an unreasonable situation, then I highly recommend Linda Sayed!

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